Nate Lesco – Even Better Than He Was The Last Time


They say you get better with time

They say you taste like that good old wine

They say you’ve matured at your finest

Maybe nice today, surely nicer the day right after.

When we discovered Nate Lesco, it was 2 years ago,

He used to be a 17 year old youngster going by the name of Matthew Guerrero.

At that time fly was the boy already:

But now he’s back, under the name Nate Lesco,

Feeling super fly, his new craft is all about good vibes,

With even better tastes as far as the production is concerned;

A production that itself describes the mood of the young rapper and reflects his everyday life.

Lyrically expressive, sonically dynamic, and catchy hooks, Nate Lesco has it all.

We can just encourage this type of aspiring talent, inspiring to see grow and bloom.

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