Nick Valentini Collective: One Poetic Music Video Too Marvelous For Words


8 individuals, all gathered in 1 collective,

Have told 8 million stories, in just 1 music video.

Feeling like 8 knocks on the 1 and only Heaven’s Door

About to open to one brilliant paradise

Something that the greatest poets would not be able to describe with the words.

‘Carousel’ is loaded with so many emotions, so much lightness, so many colors, so many interpretations possible, so much poetry.

This visual makes you feel amazed, inviting you to praise the beauty of the raising life.

The power of this ‘soul fulfilling’ visual is emphasized by the soulful vocals, and the soothing chords.

The guitars  translate perfectly the weightlessness of this sort of plume, setting free.

Opposing, or comparing human being to a cold stone, different outside, similar inside,

Containing warm and colorful elements growing all over the place

Waiting to bloom, waiting to boom and overcome the gloom.

If I told you that a flower bloom in a dark room would you trust it?” (Kendrick Lamar)

As a matter of fact this poetic master piece is perfect for the beginning of Spring,

Even if the debut album is set to be released by the summer.

The Nick Valentini Collective is an experience offered by 8 great musicians:

Nick Valentini (singer, keyboard), Erik Shibowski (bass), Hugo Shibowski (tenor sax), Nate Schwartz (guitar), Nicolo Scolieri (flute), Nick Velez (drums), Gabriel Wheaton (string orchestration) and Tyler Wennstrom (keyboard/percussion).

The group formed a little over six months ago and have quickly made a name for themselves in the Southern California music scene

Attracting large audiences to their dynamic live shows.

The motto for this collective is“freedom of expression and creativity”:

“The upcoming album is inspired by the beauty of experimentation and the eagerness to explore endless possibilities through voice and music. There is opportunity to grow as people and individuals by simply trying new things” – states Valentini.


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