Fable Cry: The Most Imaginative And Consistent Rock Band Ever

Their universe might become your ‘Favorite Worst Nightmare’

As spooky and funny as an ugly villain from the magic world of Disney

As theatrical as another band we’ve discovered her some time ago (Sky-Pony)

Staging their imagination in the most surprising ways,

The Fable Cry experience is one of a kind,

Fable Cry is a straight synonymous for entertainment.

About the Composition:


Keeping the gloomy idea behind the theme of their album, dealing with monsters (the ones we hide inside), titled ‘We’ll Show You Where The Monsters Are’

The bass line, by Scott Fernandez, along with the guitar, gives  a dark shade to the overall color of the band, showcasing its music as a Horror puppet show.

The sharp and mighty drums beats, by Rachel Gerlach, definitely contribute to identify the band as a rock band

The percussion much lighter, contrast with the weight of the drum and bass, adding some comical casualness

The violin, by Jo Cleary, maybe the trademark of their Scottish/Irish origins, is the icing on the cake -“this is how you make cookie crumbles”.

Its presence helps greatly the theatrical nature of the songs, and sometimes seems to describe a continual movement, specially in Dead Or Alive (For Now)

Like if the monsters were on the move

Like if it was giving the rendition of a walk of the Deads.

It sometimes feel like a leaf going by the wind.

Finally, if it’s not the violin, then this the singer and the back vocals, with Zach Ferrin

Sounding like a musical, or again like a Disney character, where the villain begins to sing before he starts chasing you.

About The Video:

This is treasure or imagination, creativity, and a story telling as quirky as possible.

The artistic direction reflects the inspirations from Tim Burton.

The visual has such a great texture, even if it’s in black and white,

All kind of colors seem to paint the picture of this horror show, presented by scamp rockers.

This music, combined with such an original visual, and a lively playful band as scary as they’re funny,

Creates a perfect moment of entertainment, despite their obssession with monsters and morbid lexical.

By the way, talking about morbid, one of their most popular video, Fancy Dancing, recalls the sad song by Billie Holiday, ‘Strange Fruit‘ (swingin’ in the Southern breeze, hangin’ from the poplar trees)

Check out Fable Cry’s album ‘We’ll Show You Where The Monsters Are’:


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