Jackie Venson – The Language Of The Guitar

Never too shy to show her light,

It was clear to see shine bright like the sun shine  her love, a Real Love,

For the play of the guitar. A whole day without it would make her feel Lost In Time.

See, the guitar, is what inspired her to take One Step Forward every single day God makes,

And find again her Instinct when she feels like a rolling stone, Rollin On and on, without any goal.

The guitar, she used to dialogue with it, and it’s been over 5 years this way…

For Jackie Venson, this is much more than just an instrument, as it’ll make her Always Free.

So this September 16th, she finally released her anticipated album, a live album, where she could showcase how beautiful it is to dialogue with her guitar:

Jackie Venson Live ! You can purchase it here.


We talked about the guitar, but according to our last interview with Venson, we know she also takes inspiration playing the piano.

What is more, it is interesting to see Show My Light played on the piano and then enjoy it played on the guitar in the live album.

This is a nice and smooth introduction to what we’re about to experience,

Just like a soft kiss before a sexy show, the track is played as soulfully as can be,

And the drummer has a play as suggestive as the guitar in here, and so follows he voice, as she actually tries (tries, tries, tries) to show her light.

Talking about the drums, one thing to notice in this album is the complicity between the drums and the guitar.

The transition between Show My Light and Real Love makes it obvious.

Great transition, let it be said: that’s when you let it shine that it gets real.

While Jackie Venson is composing this dialogue with her guitar, the drums builds a coherent body around it all.


The blues singer even surprises with a kind of reggae interlude, a whole song with mastered tempos and rhythms and guitar digression.

In other words, Jackie Venson Live is the perfect of her work during this past year.

She’s been working hard, and here’s the record of her hassle.

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