Ompa Bompa, a name as funny as « Ooh Pooh Pah Dooh »

Ompa Bompa: a name is as funny as the band is banging with a whole team cooking spicy and jazzing jam!

The recipe?

A friendly Julien BERTRAND’s trumpet added to Ludovic MURAT’s alto and soprano saxophone,

With Vincent PERIER’s tenor saxophone and clarinet, Franck BOYRON’s trombone,

And last but not least, Emmanuel DEPLAUDE’s piano and keyboard, Julien  SARAZIN’s bass and,

The breathtaking drummer Olivier GENIN.

This quintet has enlightened and highlighted Jazz stages with their pianist’s compositions since 2001.

Their particularity is to create and compose their own score, and, explore the great classic,

Such as Jazz Legends like the pianist and orchestre conductor Duke Ellington,

Whose orchestre was the most prestigious and the greatest at the time from 1923 until Duke’s death in 1974.

This band is now as dynamic as ever, since 2014 shall be the time to see another repertoire called

« Ethio Jazz Project«  to add to their all 5 albums.

This week this fabulous quintet was performing in LYON, for the Peristyle’s Summer Jazz sessions.

Last time we discovered UPTAKE and this week this is OMPA BOMPA‘s turn.

A great experience, so great, the public was even requiring an Encore!

The performance was so taking and breathtaking, hot and powerful, the drummer was sweating to death and the elders were dancing.

Much more than the elders, as the band was performing at a place in Lyon where hip hop performers are regularly training,

B-boys were grooving and jamming, improvising hip hop dances to the music:

This is jazz spirit.

Besides being dynamic and dancing, this is also a mellow and smoothie band, as you can enjoy here in this following track, « And They Knew What The Sounds Sounded Like« :

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