Chilla – Nouvelle Représentante du Rap Français (Lyonnais)

    Piqués de curiosité, touche “Play” cliquée, INTERGALACTICK dans vos oreilles fait TILT et Sans interruption, les rimes justement mesurées, s’y déversent suscitant un plaisir immodéré. La poésie et les punchlines bien dosées, inspirées de la créativié de CHILLA retournent la tête  Tel “Biggie” son flow #Hypnotize, incitant à jouer ses tunes sur repeat Telle une…

Ompa Bompa, a name as funny as “Ooh Pooh Pah Dooh”

Ompa Bompa: a name is as funny as the band is banging with a whole team cooking spicy and jazzing jam! The recipe? A friendly Julien BERTRAND’s trumpet added to Ludovic MURAT’s alto and soprano saxophone, With Vincent PERIER’s tenor saxophone and clarinet, Franck BOYRON’s trombone, And last but not least, Emmanuel DEPLAUDE’s piano and keyboard, Julien  SARAZIN’s…

Only Lyon – Music in the street

You can’t see it but, After their performance, a manager proposed those musicians a business opportunity; the young men just declined the proposal… Music is also just for the pleasure. Some love watching b-boys dancing in the streets, others prefer street drummers, or beat-boxers, beating the beat up. This time I’d prefered watch jazz men….


From Blues the Jazz From jazz the Funk From Funk the Disco From… well, let’s stop there. This was just an example to show you how far music and inspiration can go : their boundaries are unlimited. Music is as pleasant as a fun moment to share with your fellows, your brother and your sisters….