King avriel – Body and Soul

This is not a simple naked girl telling about her last affair,

This is an artist who fights for expressing her art as free as possible
Away from the labels that tend to categorize her music.

“I don’t see myself as a fill-in-the-blank singer; I am a writer. I am a storyteller. I’d rather people spend less time trying to label me and spend more time trying to grapple with what I’m saying and understand the narrative I’m presenting,” Avriel states in the Life+Times Magazine.

Her music is so deep, and so are her messages,

That categorizing her would be a huge caricature of her art.


The video ends suddenly by a man violently breaking her neck…

A man King avriel loved in the first place, and who turned to be the death of her

Just like some music labels could turn to be.

“I defy any label to categorize me.” Janelle Monàe.

This man killing Her and her art’s Freedom (cf her song ‘Freedom‘)

Could be the allegory for those labels

And, the black and grey shooting music video may express how much this is killing an artist’s mood.

Beside the label’s pressure, this is also a message fighting against the male domination in Hip-op/RnB’s industry:

“180 is my attempt to relive a period in my life when I felt I was not my own person, just a giant cliché — an attention-starved, rebellious girl trying to navigate and find my place in this male-dominated industry.” Avriel Epps expressing herself for Soul Culture Magazine.

King avriel welcomes you into her universe with this song, sadly romantic (by the lyrics), deep, soulful and authentic.

Besides, ‘Caricatures’ is the first single of her debut album ‘thesis’, a great treasure for ears and mind.

King avriel is an inspired artist that strives for freely expressing her art.




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