Higher, Original, Outstanding: Poet Pure Like H2O, Nat Nye.

Humble man, authentic and deep poet.

As he says “the ideas were always flowing around [his] head”

Until the day he eventually trusted his given gift in 2009

And got involved in writing, and got into one brand new skin

Deeper and deeper, into this feeling of bathing in a pure water.

This must be the reason why Nat Nye says ” [he] writes like [he’s] been baptized in a fountain of miracles”;

His art is full of philosophy, history, and other concepts that fills your brain.

Even what he always carries around his neck says a lot about his inspirations and aspirations:

The Ankh, The Key of Life. The Kemetic Pyramid makes his cypher complete.

And, his cypher shall keep rolling On and On like in Erykah Badu’s song.

Nat Nye vows a particular attention to this Kemetic (Egyptian) civilisation, core of his art,

Taking the Ankh, Pyramids and Hieroglyphs as the actual roots of his inspirations, in plus of music (hip-hop);

As Pyramids stand for the representations of the greatness of (Kemetic) Ancestors

Nat Nye strives for emulating this idea with his verse and poetry. Much more than this, by interviewing him, Nat Nye reveals how deep and complex is his isnpired mind:

When I began to see human interaction in sequences of syllables, this is the process of decoding the matrix, it was then that I decided to make sense of the chaotic nature of the nebula that exists in my mind, a multitude of ideas structured like atoms, clashing and smashing causing the creation of poetry to happen.”

His universe is kind of complex. Still little connections can be made to help visualize his concept:

Indeed, he kind of reminds of that Kendrick Lamar’s verse:

Build your own pyramids, grave your own hieroglyphs“.

And, by listening to songs like The Healer by Erykah Badu, again, whose universe is at least as deep and complex and philosophic.


Hopefully, you’ll all enjoy his pieces of work as much as I did when I met him at an open mic night (Jam Tart Session).

Hopefully, that’ll awaken the desire to feel higher with what you’d write down.

This extract, Poetic Temple, describes well enough his global universe, his philosophy, his poetry.

This is pure spoken word, this is pure spoken poetry

This is raw material, this is precious material.


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