Elise Davis – Defining Her Own Womanhood & Making Life Choices

“When you get to the fork in the road, take it.” – Yogi Berra

As she drives where she’s meant to be

Some would think this is not where she ought to be

And this is the kind of things that might drive her crazy.

Elise Davis knows herself, as a singer songwriter, as an individual, as a woman.

Even though she might be facing two different roads or paths, in her mind, only one choice still remains:

The choice to live as a modern independent woman.

As she says: “The title track on my new album The Token details a metaphorical fork in the road.

On one side, you have a more traditional path that is still very prominent in the south.

On the other side, you have the modern perception of sexuality and womanhood.” – Elise.

The visual for this metaphorical fork in the road, is an astonishing short movie picturing these two sides described by Elise.

This is the tale of choices, regrets, ifs and maybes, routines and sorrows…

On the road, driving, rather pursuing happiness, she expresses what it feels like to take a bet in life,

Knowing this could be a point of no-return,

Knowing this could either make you or break you (and if we’re broken, then that’s the token).

We’ve been knowing Elise since 2014 with her first singles like Make The Kill, yet The Token is by far her masterpiece and sets the whole concept of the album:

Dealing with the complexity or the lightness of her relationships, her routine of singer-songwriter always on the road, and life itself…

A full experience of traditional Americana, with melancholic folk vibes fused with heavy rock spirit, creating a global bluesy atmosphere,

Token is the fruit of a 2 year long work.




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