Caity Copley: Pop Discovery Of The Week


As ends the week, let us point one bright star that’s been shining for a minute (actually for a few years)

And that is popping up in our eyes today, and now we can’t just walk away its soothing light.

This bright one is the Los Angeles-based Pop-Rock/Jazz singer Caity Copley.

She gained attention with her voice singing over feel-good productions, and her classy standing, as jazzy and trendy as can be.

If she can be associated as a cheerful individual, providing good emotions through her music

We lately discovered a new shade of her personality with her latest single titled ‘Carbon Copy’.

Indeed, one of her covers is quite meaningful

As it shows the sad face of a young fashionable woman without emotion, cold stare, happening to be another grey shade of herself.

Pursuing in the same idea, another cover shows several copies of herself with the initial C.C.

Now these are great covers for the’re both kind of ironical: when you think C.C would stand for a Carbon Copy, with no emotions or individuality,

These initial actually stand for Caity Copley, who decided to stop trying so hard to be a brand or put on a costume or become this product [she] thought was appealing…”

Pop artist, her Jazz influences are noticeable in her single ‘Audrey Hepburn Legs’

Caity Copley is a complete artist, who also fell for the wanderlust, and she’s a must-follow;

Always ready to inspire.

So don’t you walk away if you see her.


And if you did walk away, then come back and listen again:

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