Carol Mae Whittick – Timeless Soul

Swinging from the Jazz classics to the Neo-Soul vibes,

Making the link between both with some kind of honest songwriting,

Managing to relating to people’s emotions

Through story told in an internal perspective, evolving within a personal development:

Carol Mae Whittick is another example of an artist willing to inspire

Through her own experiences, through her imagination, through her vocals,

In perfect harmony with the light and the dark keys of her piano.


The soul of her voice, directly inspired by Ella Fitzgerald, Sade and Anita Baker;

Carol Mae Whittik is still sitting down on the Old School’s bench.

While sitting on this bench, she thinks, she imagines, and she sings.

Soul Music is what best reflects and expresses who you are deep inside,

This is why Carol Mae Whittick has been digging deeply

Using her songwriting as mirror, to help her look at herself

And evolving, changing, improving, in her lifetime

Proving to herself she’s worth a Diamond.

Soul Music is also what best shares this kind of message to everybody

Soul Music is what takes something deep from the artist

To then deeply touch the listener, and, this is so jazzing.

At last, this is the soul of her voice, going from the classic standard of the jazz

To the new vibes of neo-soul, relating a lifetime development and honest heart feelings,

That does make Carol Mae Whittick’s voice timeless.

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