Roga Raph – Words Like A Sword, Rapper Pens With A Great Talent

Discover Roga Ralph, stunning rapper from New York. Confident attitude, he throws out the cleverest wordplays you’d ever heard. Under the influence of the likes of Nas (One Love), Common and mainly Jay Z, he goes way back to the 90’s and adds his own touch to it.

He takes the old, keeps it gold, with bold imagery in his poems, Roga pens with talent. As he confides on his songwriting: « My music is along the lines of jazz-rap and is heavily influenced by the boom-bap era. »

His fast raps recalls the early Jay Z’ career, from 1994 (I Can’t Get Wit That). The way he remixes the « If I do say so myself » underlines that influence.

Talking about poets, besides his spoken word/acapella freestyle, his music video for The News recalls Common’s classic line, as a tribute to Gil Scott Heron, « the revolution will not be televised‘.

In a way, he follows the path of young lyricists like Joey Bada$$ who choose to go back to the Golden Age of Rap and add their personal touch to it, as an artist.


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