Sharlene Monique – Nothing Like Making A Woman Feel Unique And Beautiful

Like Tess Henley singing Same Girl in her album BETTER,
Like Shan Ako calling young girls to break out from their Silence,
Like Cherri V trying to find her who she is meant to be as a Brown Skinned Girl,
Sharlene-Monique is here again to inspire and empower the ones that feel weakened.

Coach, singer-songwriter and choreographer Sharlene Monique remains among these artists we still find inspirational, release after release.

Her debut single titled Beautiful, off of her  Destiny EP, internationaly streamed over 700,000 on Spotify, was tear-dropping and got her an award for Best Solo, Best Inspirational and Music Video Of The Year at the Jump Music Video Awards 2017. 

This year, she’s once again nominated for another recognition.

Sharlene Monique - Nothing Like Making A Woman Feel Unique And Beautiful 1

Stepping into her own journey, her music career, and embracing her womanhood, she shows what it takes to feel like a proud and joyful Diamond Woman.

It takes self-awareness and self-love. Once you forget about the competition, about the comparison… you’ll start to get more self-compassion, accept yourself  for who you are and live your live like it’s golden.

Definition of a Diamond Woman: A woman who is on her own journey of learning and aligning with who she is meant to be, despite the outside noise and set backs along the way – Katryia Ross

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