Sailing On The Rhythms of A Melodious River: Dreisam


3 wild rivers from different cultures and rhythms gave birth to a one-of-a-kind trio called Dreisam.

Dreisam flows through smoothie vibes,

Imaginative and surprising hot rhythmes,

Added to one charming and feminine sophistication.


Dreisam is the name of an outstanding multicultural trio

Whose roots get to German, Brazilian and French sources.

Let it be added that Dreisam is also the name of a German river;

As the water flowing from nowhere to everywhere is a great ‘Source’ of inspiration.

Dreisam (meaning also ‘threesome’ in German) full well inspired this marvelous trio,

Whose upcoming album, as interesting as it could sound so, is named Source.

This band consists in one front woman, leader, and professional composer,

The breathtaking German saxophonist Nora Kamm, who’s a pleasure to talk with;

It was indeed enjoyable to speak with such an interesting and cheerful person

Right after her performance, two weeks ago, at the Peristyle – Place Opera, in Lyon.

By the way, it’s been more than two years she’s gigging around Lyon (Opera, Jazz Festivals…)

She and her saxophone brings that soulful and jazzy wind that makes you swing while sailing to the sea

And sailing to the sea makes you discover the New Continent and its colorful Brazilian Rhythms

Brought to you by the well-gifted drummer Zaza Desiderio,

He whose love-at-first-sight for music started with the guitar, before breaking down the secrets of the drums

And its energetic and warm rhythms, with tastes of samba.

French Camille Thouvenot‘s piano stands for the nice weather you’ll find in that Brazilian vibe,

Carried by a German wind. Camille is another great musician, certified,

Among those two Nora and Zaza, having graduated his diploma in Jazz studies.

Dreisam cheers you up from Spring  with pieces of work like ‘Primavera’

Until Autumn with their new project: their album ‘Source’ recorded at studios La Buissonne 

And they’re about to hit the coming season of Fall:

It was a great pleasure for me to see them perform at Opera de Lyon

So let the music play and enjoy their tunes as much as I did.

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