Classy, Natural, And Deep: Literary Fiona Bevan, Real Story-Teller

Fiona Bevan, One of the most inspiring and profound independent artist discovered so far after Tess Henley:

fiona and tess

Relative of the famous poet novelist Robert Louis Stevenson, stumbled into poetry since 8 years old

And falling deeply into this writing addiction you can’t help when you’re a musician, a writer, an artist.

The essence of the inspiration is the experience that pops up in your life, in an evening, or at night…

And, there is no such experience as talking strangers, picking secrets and stories worth being told.

‘Talk To Strangers‘ is the title of her album.

And talking about it, she insists on the fact that “[she] adores story-telling”:

It’s important to me that no words are wasted. I write about real things that have happened to me or my friends. I try to find the focus of a story and work from there.

“My writing process is really an attempt to understand who I am and how not to be walked over in the world – as a woman, as a shy person, as someone doing something different. I’d say it’s about finding myself, if that didn’t sound so terribly cheesy.” Fiona Bevan states.

With such quotes, ‘Talk To Strangers’ has the determined will to relate to people,

Whoever could those people be, as long as they can feel the authenticity

Of Fiona’s  true-story-based-music.

Lauryn Hill said “Music Is Sharing”, and, there’s no such thing as sharing true facts of life inspiring.

Let it be said that Fiona is a kind of novelist from the Realist Movement, dedicated to the songwriting.

As far as Miss Bevan’s first single is concerned,

Machine stands for a metaphor for whatever gets you stuck in

Making you feel useless, powerless, weak against another strength going on and on,

Metaphor well interpreted with the instruments and the use of words

Such as the alliterations with the sounds [s] with ‘listent’ or [sh] with ‘machine’

Being repeated, recalling the sounds of the machine;

With the other hypnotic repetitions of the vowels emphasizing the hypnotic of the instrumental.

The little and light voice of the singer, upon a mesmerizing rhythmic guitar and metallic percussion

 Express quite well the feeling of weakness and powerlessness

In which the programmed machine seems stuck; stuck in an industrial theme.

Stuck until you realize you do have some power over your current condition.

A song full of hope, and breathing soulful lyrics.

A bluesy, jazzy, and folkie one, with a soothing pop in this vintage-colored album and

With all its literary references to books and movies in songs like ‘Rebel Without A Cause‘, with James Dean…

You don’t only appreciate great music with such a hard instrumental work,

You get to share moments of truth, moments of Humanity, and memorable moments of Literature. and timeless moments of music with all true acoustic instruments.

To make you testify how good those moments with this vintage singer, as classy as one Marilyn Monroe,

May you enjoy the following playlist:

 By the way, she’s on a huge tour between the UK and France


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