When Gospel Puts A Spell On You: Bexsongstress

Who can dream big, will relate to this song and to this good-looking singer:

Bexsongstress is kind of a stunning young vocal performer

Who’s definitely taking the music industry by storm

Starting off by shaking your ears with her vivid Soul music

And by healing your feelings with her colorful voice.

Plus, some had the pleasure to appreciate her performances at venues such as Ronnie Scott or O2 Arena.

Caribbean culture, soul, and gospel happen to be the main spices of her music recipe

Chilling flavors, peaceful moments, either driving to church, either leading, thoughtful, to a window,

BEX is a soulful gospel singer willing to bring positive vibes and messages upon the waves of her soprano voice;

A voice dedicated to one strong work ethic, and a consistency in authenticity

While studying the evolution of music through commercial music, so she can best connects to people.

With that being said, she works hard so her music stands different, and loyal to Worshiping and Gospel.

BEX’s EP Transition, out now, tells the story of her walk-through as a pretty young believer

And the prayer she needs to express.

May you enjoy this discovery from London.


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