LITE – Exciting Instrumental Rock Band Live From Japan

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Rock, Math Rock, Post-Rock, Progressive, Instrumental… LITE dares any label to categorize them.

Truth is, the band doesn’t really care of its etiquette: as long as music is being played.

This four-members band’s been banging in Japan since 2003. Their fan base explosed in 2008 with one their first single ‘Ghost Dance’.

One rhythmic guitar jamming all over a score,

Linked to a second guitar bringing its flavor;

A melodious one supporting a strong rhythm

Which strength happens to be emphasized by a kicking ass drummer

Producing en effect as powerful as the effect of sound of the bass guitar.

You must testify how good it sounds and exciting it feels to listen to this band’s music.

Much more than this, LITE is way more enjoyable in live. Their public felt the thrill and the excitement most from there.

To conclude, LITE might be your highlight of the day.

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