Marlee In The Mixx – Mashing-Up Genres In Your Mic


A jamming nine-member band made the great difference among all of the Kay Dot’s covers, thus far.

Marlee In The Mixx, aka MITM, finds its light image in the light face of Marlee D, lead singer.

The inspiration takes life in Neo-soul, R&B, Gospel, Hip Hop, Jazz and Groove GoGo.

When they play live, Black Music Session is just on, and you just happen to feel alive again.

Marlee In The Mixx, is quite a young crew, since 2011 only.

Within one year, they turned already international, with a great tour in South Korea,

And, most of all, the outstanding cover “Please Don’t Kill My Vibe”

This cover was the clear reflection of their band image and of their music universe:

Mashing up soulful flavors and different genres in one single mic.

With a drummer, a lead guitarist, a bassist, a music director as a keybordist

Another keyboardist, an engineer to arrange the sounds… The crew is complete to make you thrill.

What is even more enjoyable, if you’re a musician, is to appreciate how far MITM tends to overpass music genres boundaries.

So you’ll hear in their tracks influences from funk music, but also, from rock, alternative, electronic… you name it.

This is the true essence of playing music, feeling free of boundaries, crossing the limits,

Relating to people through positive vibes.

MITM, mighty-mighty project. Welcome to Marlee D’s vision with the ’10 000 hours’ EP:





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