Denitia Odigie: Rocking Soul

Astounding, impressive, overwhelming, light and delightful Denitia’s production assures you an enjoyable moment of relaxation and inspiration. Her soul music has a hue of folkie vibe, and it invites you to go back and forth eyes closed As the melody goes, as the melody takes you, as the melody rocks you ; you can’t help…

Marlee In The Mixx – Mashing-Up Genres In Your Mic

SOUNDS SO BEAUTIFUL, DON’T YOU AGREE? A jamming nine-member band made the great difference among all of the Kay Dot’s covers, thus far. Marlee In The Mixx, aka MITM, finds its light image in the light face of Marlee D, lead singer. The inspiration takes life in Neo-soul, R&B, Gospel, Hip Hop, Jazz and Groove GoGo….