Denitia Odigie: Rocking Soul

Astounding, impressive, overwhelming, light and delightful

Denitia’s production assures you an enjoyable moment of relaxation and inspiration.

Her soul music has a hue of folkie vibe, and it invites you to go back and forth eyes closed

As the melody goes, as the melody takes you, as the melody rocks you ; you can’t help it.

The overwhelming characteristics of her music comes from the jazzy flavors.

Magic is out of the sweetness of the saxophone, piano keys become a black and white stairway to peace and healing.

Her last project, Dream Suite, well deserves its name.

Tracks like ‘Weekend’ put listeners into a situation opportune to chill and enjoy the present time before it’s too late,

Just like a sunset to catch before the dark of the night come and hide the sunny sky:

This artist from New York goes already with four self-released EP’s.

2010 was the time for her debut album Vitality, on Weston Boys Entertainment.

Currently, Denitia Odigie is working on another project.

Then, from 2011 and 2013, she crossed the boundaries of soul, funk and electronic music with different artists such as Sene.

Here is the result, and it does sounds good as an original experience:

She kind of reminds of that other band, mixing the genre in such a soulfully way: Marlee In The Mixx.

Now Denitia Odigie is back on track with a project in progress, as a solo artist.

She affirms it shall consist in higher conceptions.

Meanwhile, let’s enjoy the rest of her present universe.

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Marcus Gon

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