Chess Galea: Discovery of A Full Performer

Chess Galea,a rich voice seducing and enriching your ears from Malta to the UK.

Classic Music, Pop Music and Electronic Dance Music are the 3 worlds that compose her big and banging universe.

Her beauty, her gracefulness, her poetry are expressed in a heartfelt voice, upon a soothing and playful piano melody.

Yet, creativity needs to overseas its own boundaries, so, Chess artistry blooms within Pop Music, highly influenced by the 90’s genre.

Paradise is an ambient Pop  ballad going on with a mesmerizing voice singing harmoniously with a kind of melancholic instrumentation

Making us see a singer longing for a Paradise. This her lately released song and it illustrates quite well her inspirations from Pop.

Then, the classy songwriter that she is, decided to jump with all her fierce and energy into the third piece of the puzzle of her universe: Electronic Dance Music.

In this creative process, she works with DJ’s all across the globe such as a Ministry of Sound DJ, Xenia Ghali, and DJ Dario Synth.

Being used to perform, having gained radio airplay in 3 countries including Australia, Malta and the UK, she tends to impact her public with all her skills.

She defines herself as a full performer, and she is.As she says:

“I wanted to be a pop singer is because the performance is so full on (dance, singing, art) and I’m trained in all of those aspects and I love the fact that I could perform to full potential. ”

And she wants to share her art as much as possible with her latest single: “Wait”

“I want to showcase all my inspirations and different sides”.

So here is the classy, the fierce, the wild, the beauty, the dynamic,the performer: Chess Galea.Chess Galea: Discovery of A Full Performer 1

(Photography by Jessamine Cera Photography)

By the way, she’s released 2 EPs already in the past, and realised several covers. you can find them on her SoundCloud,

One of the favorite ones shall be this voice performance, rich and soulful moment, poetic and quite thrilling. Shall you enjoy:

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