Jilly Riley: Organic Soul

Pulpy soul, mind-blowing blues, tasty flavors from the fruit of an authentic songwriter’s creativity

Overwhelming joy, leading your feet to your funky dancing shoes, expressing love and passion, Rock’n’Roll satisfaction

Communicating peaceful emotions with fierceness, Gospel’s powerful message; Jilly Riley rhymes with  ‘truly lively’.

This solo artist is inspiring, authentic: her soulful music she produces comes right from her heart as recorded right from her home, sweet home

This recording experience gives something kind of raw and priceless at the same time, just like a precious stone extracted right out of earth

Shining, bright, reflecting its light in the wide smile of that one who finds this precious treasure.

This rawness is in the homemade percussion kit consisting of buckets, pans, food containers, bank cards, and a cajon.

Acoustic music has never been so organic.

Discovered through the Ont’ Sofa, she made a big impression: the fierce of her voice may be as enjoyable as Joss Stone’s

Inspired by many genres, Blues, Gospel, Rock’n’Roll, the core of her music remains Soul, as her voice delivers too many pationate emotions.

The artist defines herself as an Organic Soul: her EP titled “Belly Full O’ Sunshine” is the perfect illustration of this definition.

Besides of her career as self-employed musician, she’s also known for actively supporting causes such as equality, racism, and ecology

Spreading love and calling to action through dedicated compositions.

Get into her universe: http://www.jillyriley.com/ 

As Jilly Riley sounds so beautiful:


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