Susy Sun: Breaking Light Rising From The Sky

Play of lights in the videos as sophistical as the play of the piano, classical artistry, pure and poetic, melancholic taste,

Susy Sun, with her bright and light voice, rises upon a universe that used to be shady as the night until the break of dawn.

Hitting these white and black keys sounds like a dark door that slowly opens to the light of a warmer room,

A light that seems to shine all over the world, from The Pacific Northwest to Sweden, through Greece, Spain, France and the UK.

Inviting so to feel as light as a morning bird and fly overseas, inspiring so to look up into the sky with a feeling of Wanderlust.

And, Wanderlust, is the title of her second album of the Indie-Pop and Classical singer/songwriter Susy Sun,

Consisting of 5 tracks and a 6th bonus track, purely classical, engineered by Shawn Simmons,

And features The Passenger String  Quartet throughout, which gives that poetic that flies all over the compositions.

Listening to this album, and watching the videos shall make you feel like diving into a deep wood where lives all the vivid emotions of the singer

Created from her different trips experimented, her love stories, her connection to her American and Sweden cultures,

And her connection to earth and Nature.

As sweet as a French kiss, as bitter as some tastes of life, Susy’s lyrics are quite deep, serious, and mainly honest and heartfelt.

The last record she’s made confirms this statement: “That’s Just Life” is her new track, recorded with the great label London Tone Music

A recording label who let us discover Austin Kolbe among 52 great artists.


This track underlines an important philosophy that seems to remain over her videos: the light over the darkness, the faithful against the hopeless.

Indeed, the constant play of lights and shades in the photographs and the videos evoke this, in plus of reminding of the classical music culture of Susy, who’s an accomplished classical pianist.

“That’s Just Life” helps you see “La Vie En Rose” when everything seems dark and shady,

and when the only poetry you could write rhymes with nothing else than Tragedy. Susy’s tragedy was her apartment all burnt up.

Choosing to move on up is the only option, and keeping on appreciating her artistry may give her love and strength:

These lyrics combined with the melody of piano keys, strongly supported by the percussion and the string, once again,

Get to something particularly sophisticated,

Managing to create one unique experience, going on through different movements, either moving “Forward Backward”, either moving “Down”.

Enjoy her music:

Art for Wanderlust by- Lindsey E. Larsen Myer
Photo by- Kristina Krug
Styling & creative direction- Carlynne Morrison

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