Samantha Johnson: Powerful Soul, Powerful Voice, Powerful Bomb

Wonderful woman that unveils a astounding Voice

Expressing the fierce of her Soul, screaming heartfelt emotions and,

From her vibrating lips, she communicates a lyrical and powerful message: Samantha Johnson Is The Bomb

That appears and booms into your ears to blow your mind.

Fresh singer, fortunate discovery, she’s the Lead Female in Thriller Live, the worldwide show that celebrates Michael Jackson’s career

And spread the word of his message of Peace

samantha johnson thriller live michael jackson

The last performance hit, blaze and bless Auckland from February 12th to February 22nd 2015!

Samantha Johnson is an authentic and inspirational person, and the values and state of mind that she shares through this tour

Are the kind of things that give you faith again in the good side of Humanity.

This must be not a hazard that she’s the lead female for Thriller Live, and this must be not a hazard that we’ve discovered her through this MJ’s video:

“I sing this song every single night and twice a day on weekends. It’s my job to emulate and spread Michael’s message. This song to me = Emmit Till, Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner….. with great power comes great responsibility. Michael was not “troubled”–he was a vessel for God’s word and people just didn’t know what to do with him”
Besides the Thriller Live Tour, Samantha Johnson happens to be an artist who has her own material.
Her talent is so, people may think she’s Mariah Carey’s daughter, well she’s at least as good-looking:
One of her songs, “I Got You”, written by Jane Hancock is a soothing piece of rhythm blowing away the blues of your soul:

The best way to give Tender Loving Care (TLC) to this Pretty Young Doggone Girl is to listen and appreciate her music:

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5 commentaires sur “Samantha Johnson: Powerful Soul, Powerful Voice, Powerful Bomb

  1. She has an amazing voice beautiful she definitely have a far way too go I love her on America got talent …she belongs on stage….all the best

  2. Samantha is an entertainer and singer. She should do the stevie Wonder song she sang at the new beford show. She can sing, and dance. Keep it simple, Sam. No big productions.

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