Jean Michaels: A Lyricist On A Mission

Smoothy, Soulful, Soothing, young rapper Jean Michaels sounds so beautiful!

Known previously as Kid Sway and later Swavey Ranks, just like  Kay Dot, Jean Michaels’ now goes simply by his own name and,

Just like Kendrick Lamar, he decides to go on a message with lyrics as his poetic weapon : there’s blood in his pen already.

His mission: prove that being different and embracing your individuality is the key to bringing your dreams to fruition;

Another young and good artist inspiring you to love yourself and embrace what defines you as an human being.

His upbringing brought to him by his mother, a 20 year United States Navy veteran year taught him many lessons in life, since his youngest ages;

The most important keeping in mind to be strong an independent still.


His music comes from the flows of his Haitian influences, rappers influence (Andre 3000, and other major rappers) and life experiences.

These experiences made this 19 year old boy become a young man who stay true to himself.

His work and his words drew the attention of his whole campus in Atlanta; much more than this, he drew the attention of the Music Industry,

Such as Cortez (Cash Money), Noah Feanch ( 2 Chainz Booking Manager), Frank Harris ( Jason Darulo Manager), and many more.

It is fortunate to see the rise of such artists sharing and influencing with these kind of values, either major like Kendrick Lamar, or less major like Michaels.

To sum it up: a poetry expressing upon either catchy beats, either soothing vibes, delivered in a personal and unique flow, Jean Michaels is a must-listen:

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Marcus Gon

Rédacteur en chef de Sounds So Beautiful, et auteur de l’œuvre Poetically Yours. ,Storytelling, ou l'art de conter une histoire, l'effort de véhiculer un message, l'exploit de communiquer une émotion, ou bien encore le miracle d'inspirer et d'influencer. Sounds So Beautiful, founded by writer and musician Marcus Gon, is the international media, specialized in the music industry, working closely with advertisers and public relations, and allowing emerging artists to develop their career. Poetically yours

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