Salt Petal: A Sweet Bloom Spreading Across Boundaries

Incredible mix of cultural influences, producing fresh and new flavors tasting finger-licking good;

Salt Petal, Argentinain Surf Rock Musical Collective, from Los Angeles,  makes you feel like traveling, without moving,

Their recent release, Por La Luna, is produced by indie mastermind Raymond Richards (Local Natives fame).

Surrounded by an atmosphere colored with a tint of Argentinian Folk, a tinge of Brazilian Tropicalia and a hue of Cumbia.

All of these warm and regenerative vibes are mixed with a catchy touch of Indie Rock: Salt Petal best-represents the cultural diversity of LA.

Se da ganas de cantar y bailar y mirar La Mar hasta se acuesta El Sol y brilla La Luna…

The band is currently being played on MTV Tr3s and have been written up in Billboard.

Their universe is canned in their last piece of art: their album titled “Sea Monster”, released in March 2013.

This album, produced by indie mastermind Raymond Richards (Local Natives, Henry Clay People) and mastered by Mark Chalecki (Los Abandoned, Le Butcherettes).

Takes you straight to the water of a sunny beach that reminds you all the good memories and songs you used to love:

The dancing melodies of the guitar, the leading tempo of the bass, the wild percussion, the softness of the back vocals and the poetry of the lead vocals…

The flavor of this Salt Petal really tastes something good, something complex, something worked with passion.

The Latino influences still remain in the tempo of the bass and the drums, but the rocky vibes are brought to you by the electricity of the guitars

And the fierce of the instrumentals are soften by the light voice of the lead singer.

Their originality led them to high profile venues and festivals such as SXSW, Los Angeles Times’ Festival of Books and Make Music Pasadena.

Besides, performing alongside well-known artists including Lila Downs, Grimes, Hello Seahorse!, La Santa Cecilia, Dengue Fever, Las Cafeteras, members of Blondie and Jane’s Addiction.

A prestigious  band for an enjoyable moment of pleasure with this Argentinian collective.

From smiling and dancing joy, to dark and purple melancholia, this surf rock collective invites you to sail across boundaries

Right on the waves of their musical poetry, wild and strong, hiding probably a dark monster under the sea:

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Marcus Gon

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