Austin Kolbe: Funk And Roll It

Voice sweet like sugar, seductive tone upon a catchy beat, singing out of your mouth and willing to lick your lips

As lyrics are as sweet as honey: the Austin’s recipe tastes good!

Secrets ingredients of his recipe are his Rocky upbringing and his inspirations for Prince, an icon who links perfectly Rock with Funk.

Yet, the main instruments remains in his own self-built artistry: young 20 year old self-taught musician,

Playing and charting guitar, drums, bass and piano, mastering the basis to found and build a real harmonious musical architecture,

Wrapping it all under the Soul of his young voice.

Austin Kolbe is an authentic artist who’s getting attention in Los Angeles, indeed: “No matter what, everything I write comes from my experiences. There isn’t one song I’ve written that isn’t true,” he states emphatically.

Talking about his experiences were either, not everything was as light and cool as some of his sexy songs.

For instance, as far as Lips is concerned, his first single for the record label London Tone Music Group

He confides that “Writing Lips was like a long affair. It went through various musical changes for 3-4 years, while the provocative lyrics always stayed the same. When I finally got to record it with live musicians, it was like having the best sex of my life.”

Some other experiences did knock as hard as a smashing rock: A rocky upbringing, which at one point caused him to run away from home, play music on the street for money and live in hostels while figuring out how to survive, formed his viewpoint on the world.”

The good point thing you can smile to despite all of these dark hardships, is that the young boy grew up a young independent man,

Made it graduating his music high school. The best thing is now his album project in the works.

Well surrounded by a team that helps him put his truth and life on a sheet of paper, play it, sing it, and share it.

With the producer/engineer, Eric Lilavois in his team, Austin Kolbe sure can feel well supported.

Planning to tour with his band, brace yourself for a show smelling like the young spirits of Rock popping onto Funky rhythms

Beating as a kick-kick drum: heartfelt lyrics sang by a soulful voice.

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