Dani Darling – Looking For Soul Mate or Soul Friend

2:22, someone cares for you
New best friends, or new bae and boo
Synergy and harmony coming through
Dani Darling, from Ann Arbor, Michigan, has released a new video for her debut single titled 2:22. This simple visual captures many meanings and pictures a young girl looking for the right soul mate she can match with.

Influenced by love and the Universe, there’s no wonder why you can find astrology and numerology references. 2 often stands for love, relationship, duality or harmony. Darlinfg’s song being introduced as a Love Story, takes on its full meaning.

By three times, she has the choice to choose or just ignore someone new. When comes the third person, the song starts to feel like a meeting place. A place overwhelmed by a special sound that blends jazz with a new style of lo-fi R&B/soul.

Another message is being conveyed, and this is the sad note. All these interactions under attraction are done in digital instead of being real organic connections.

Serving as the lead single from Dani‘s forthcoming debut EP Nocturne2:22 makes commentary on the effect of modern technology on dating and socializing in 2018.

“2:22 is about a lonely girl’s search for meaning. Though we’ve begun to turn inward as a society, and we live our lives in this digital realm, we still look for an anchor. That something, or someone, that feels real to us. Regardless of whether it actually is. Our feelings and perceptions can legitimize anything, even a phantom love affair.” – Dani Darling 

You can feel, through her look and her vocals, how well Dani Darling is influenced by the likes of Jamila Woods, who’s all about self-love and finding her balance by herself, on her own.

What is more, this kind of music with a message recalls also the likes of H.E.R., who stands for every woman, as a young girl.

In the past she has worked as a collaborating artist with The Black Opera as Soul Galaxy Girl, and performs with her band of “Darlings.”

Marcus Gon

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