Robyn Sherwell: Acoustic Pleasure

robynsherwell contributed this past week to create a memorable live moment.

Smoothly seducing, gently taking, charmingly robbing your ears to get them closer to her music,

Robyn shares her melodies, acoustic vibe and beautiful sounds,

Flowing from her synthesizer and her guitarist.

To complete this melodious recipe, a musical pad was needed.

Indeed, your ears may notice that the writing of the score is not too naïve but really hard worked

With a composition letting sound out loud the harmony between the guitar, loyal to the tempo of the beat, and the synthesize, diving in a certain universe.

That was the way each song ended.

And we know how important the ending of a song is. This is like a signature, like the key moment that makes you want to listen to the song on and on or no.

Talking about the instrumental, one drummer would like to hear a bit of a drum.

Even if that was lacking of it for this time, you may appreciate the fact that Robyn collaborated with Ric Elsworth (as you can testify in the video) one brilliant percussionist working with the band Foals.

Besides, you may also appreciate how well Sherwell’s voice sticks to the rhythms of this electro-soul cover song ‘The Fear’ (by Ben Howard), and provides you emotions to free your mind…

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