Marie Dahlstrøm – Scandinavia Got Soul

Scandinavia, Scandinavia… who will say “Tussen Tak” enough to Scandinavia for what it gives ? Cause it’s got lots to give !

Marie Dahlstrøm, Danish fair-haired singer from Roskilde,

Where she got inspired by Esperanza Spalding, Corinne Bailey Rae, Diana Krall , and many more… proudly puts her talent in light.

Talent happily testified at Jazz Cafe,

In company of two back vocals almost as attractive and good-looking as Marie

An amazing drummer blazing the place with his play of stick drums

Talent highly recognized with her first EP “Feelings” and obviously rewarded by not one but three Soul Awards !

Talent to grow again with next connections such as Cee-lo Green, working on her second release.

Not much has been said and written in this article,

Since the charm of her music, making you dive in an emotional universe,

Sealing with sadness, love, and other things,

Inspiring so many things at the same time, you just get lost among every thing, lost for words…


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