Ella Martini: Excuse Her Talent

Proud Camden makes your night with eclectic artists

And with the memories of those memorables momentsm this will as well make your following day.
Ella Martini, the tinier the sweeter… Young Ella definitely gets you, listener, going, #OnAndOn.

Obviously, by listening to the guitar following the strength of the beat, itself emphasizing the melody of the voice reaching you from the ears to the heart, you will notice that Ms Martini is a well-gifted soul singer, by far.

Her outstanding cover of #DooWop‘s Ms. Lauryn Hill performed last night confirms her colour soul.
Yet, much more than this, she does it her way adding her latino-cuban influences (that’s what she confirmed me.)
I’ll let you appreciate the stunning and so beautiful mix of soul and latino music.

Check out a piece of her work, a must-see !

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