Alicia Keys – Music, Influence, Business

Singer, Songwriter, Actress, Neo-Soul Diva, RnB Princess… What else?

Nowadays, Alicia Keys is the kind of Soul Star way too bright to introduce!

Her quite inspiring name is on everybody’s mouth and everybody’s mind

Herself inspired by Nina Simone, she’s the main influence of many emerging neo-soul artists just like the marvelous Tess Henley or Nina Smith Music.

Such an influence comes from the impacting impression of such a vocal singer.

By the way, the trend of a pure vocal singer, if you look closely, tends to decrease in the popularity (talking about consumption). And Alicia Keys had to ‘transform’ a little bit her style, influencing so many people. Here’s why:

If you do take one good look, the more times evolve, the more trends do so:

As an example, Alicia Keys first hit with her mighty-mighty Soul music in 2001 selling 12 million samples of her first studio album Songs In A Mirror.

Then it goes downhill, always with a huge success, of course, because Keys is a one-of-kind Diva, but still:

The awesome second album gets 8 million samples in 2003

And, after her glory with her Live Album #Unplugged rewarding her the title of very first female artist selling more than Nirvana’s live albums, Her third album goes for 6 million copies.

Eventually, in 2009, her fourth studio album goes only for 3 million sales.

Can appreciate the obvious decrease, in spite of everything?

Now you understand how much business in the music industry is another key to survive in this wild wild world to get bigger and bigger along the coming years.

A. Keys needs to get back into music business, she needs to explode again like she did in 2001, she needs to just let it burn!

We, her fan-base and anyone else need to feel that heatwave warming our souls with the fire she makes!

So she came back hotter than ever like ‘Girl On Fire’, beating the beat up yes,

Yet switching a bit her musical style. She’s already changed her influences in the past, since, as an artist, she just doesn’t like doing the same thing.

But her last switch was necessary for the business: Making her Soul more like Pop.

The strategy was to hit back people with one Pop song, and more commercial, hiding behind that something way more soulful and RnB,

Just to appeal them. This is the key of keeping the influence over one customer…

Fortunately, the business didn’t switch her into one witch happening to be bitchy like one silly Cyrus Miley…

Alicia Keys keeps her values #WomansWorth.


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Alicia Keys; Music, Influences, Business

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