Ruby Love Music

Like a dreamer who thought that it’d be for ever

“But for ever not for everyone”, so broken dream coming over
Just like a dream waving goodbye, never coming true. #GoodbyeDreamer
Like an angelic face actually nothing but a façade for a darker side
Just like an angel happening to be a #BadGirl.
Like one feeling lucky, but stuck in his unfortunate, lacks of luck,
Again. Blues blowing, daughter or whoever singing her blues,
As her #DaddysGone, still hopefully not for good, though.

… Many other emotional, and sensitive songs sang with the strength of the soul, sang in the Blues spirit are well written and performed in her EP so well worked.
“Ain’t no love in the heart of the city, Ain’t love in the heart of town”
But there was Ruby Love Music in the Heart of London.
This artist, just discovered, is a must-see. She was lately performing atCharlie Wright’s Jazz ClubzClub.
For you, hungry souls of good and moving soul music, come and check The beauty.

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