Durand Bernarr celebrates free spirit and reintroduces himself with his new album « DUR& »

(They’ll comprehend once you find the right melody)
What does that mean?
Can you explain please?
(We’ll understand once you find your identity)
That’s whatcha mean, it’s like (1, 2, 3 aww Yeah Yeah Yeah!)

« Melody » by Durand Bernarr

There it is! LA-based singer-songwriter Durand Bernarr finally released his new album on Wednesday September 16th. His first EP, « Sound Check », went out in 2016. He became Erykah Badu’s protege. Today, this project is self-titled. A choice that correlates with the meaning of his name: strong, endure, and brave.

This new album is the result of more than two years of work. « DUR& » features 13 tracks where the LGBT vocalist expresses who he is, without any excuses.

He’s speaking freely about himself, his relationships or his sexuality. He’s showing all of him, and all the tones in his voice.

Through the tracks, it goes low or high so easily we understand why he gets called a musical wizard. His harmonies are also impressive. It seems like his voice can do anything, and he’s having fun with that, no matter what musical genre is playing: funk, gospel, soul, jazz, R&B or rap.

It even gets along very well with all the guest artists: Ari Lennox (American R&B singer-songwriter), Kaytranada (Haitian-Canadian electronic musician) and Anna Wise (American singer-songwriter and producer).

Durand Bernarr knows who he is and he’s proud of it. That’s part why his fans love him so much: they can identify with him through music. Thanks to him, some of them even had the courage to come out.

« I want to create consistent bops, not hits. I wanted the music to feel like cold water running down your throat » says Durand Bernarr.

« DUR& » can for sure be described as quirky and sincere.

The intro (« Mixxed ») says it all:  « I know that you been waiting, Overflowing with impatience, but I wouldn’t never letcho ass starve (wait) Just give it a few moments cause the shit still in the oven, it’ll be worth it when it gets done (ding) ».

This is a funny prelude for what’s coming on the album and a wink to those impatient ones who were waiting for this release.

This complicity can be found again on some song’s outros. We hear him having fun with his voice, trying new things, showing his incredible range or simply adding some comical lyrics. It’s like we’re in the studio with him.

Durand Bernarr Mélanie Domergue
Durand Bernarr already collabed with artists like The Internet, Anderson Paak and Teedra Moses.

Besides, there are not any filters in the songwriting. Lyrics are both sharp and funny but that’s how he is. He gets no shame, no guilt, because he’s confident with himself and his fan base.

It’s safe to be opened and he wants others to feel that way too: « I want my fans to be shocked and surprised, think, laugh, and most importantly for this body of work, for them to feel seen… encompassing good music that the queer community can be proud of ». The public is indeed a big part of this project.

He’s thankful in « Curiosity »: « (Who knew I would get this far?) Rolling with my one-size-fit-all. Well, lucky me, yeah » He even gifts his fans with the lead single and a long-waited duet in « Stuck », featuring Ari Lennox.

Mélanie Domergue

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