Maths Time Joy takes « Two Steps » with Kevin Garrett in his new single

We don’t have to fall in love just yet,
But seeing you is something that I can’t forget,
Over and over

« Two Steps », by Maths Time Joy and Kevin Garrett

Summer is over, but dancing bops still come out. UK songwriter, remixer, DJ and producer Maths Time Joy just released one of them on this Wednesday September 30th.

To do so, he teamed up with Pittsburgh-based singer-songwriter Kevin Garrett, who particularly wrote the song « Pray You Catch Me » on Beyoncé’s album « Lemonade » (and received a Grammy nomination for that).

In fact, « Two Steps » has been written years ago in London.

London-based artist Maths Time Joy is seen as one of the best new artists on the UK scene. He already collaborated with other artists, such as Mahalia (British singer-songwriter), (English singer-songwriter) and Gallant (American singer-songwriter). He even got Grammy-nominated too for his work with Gallant.

Does that mean « Two Steps » is on its way to get rewarded?

« Kevin has been one of my favourite artists for a long time so it was an honour to get to work with a songwriter like him, he brings such a sincerity to his work and it was interesting to work in a sonic space that is a bit more uptempo than both of us would usually sit » explains Maths Time Joy.

At first, « Two Steps » sounds mysterious. We feel like we’re in a bubble: the music is muffled. Then, the bass and the rhythm slowly create a pop vibe, which soon leads to a catchy chorus.

The rousing rhythm contrasts with the melancholy or the confused lyrics about a complex relationship. By the end of the song, the audience is the one who took « Two Steps » forward do dance along.

Mélanie Domergue

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