Josh Barry plays the seductive card with his debut single “All Add Up”

I won’t let you go,
In the name of love, I won’t

« All Add Up » by Josh Barry

Seduction is in the air. That is indeed the theme of Josh Barry’s debut single. The London-based-soul-singer released « All Add Up » on Friday October 23rd

This soulful and sensual ballad starts off with a laid-back rhythm. Josh Barry’s voice creates a peaceful atmosphere. Intimate. Things get more intense when the first verse drops.

We dive « into action » while the drums and the guitar set the scene. We can easily imagine Josh Barry’s song as the soundtrack of a romantic dinner. He’s singing about the one he’s trying to seduce.

As the song goes on, we can almost see in black and white sweet memories who add up to create strong feelings. Josh Barry is pretty much aware of that, because he asks himself « Could it be? That is more than love. »

Mélanie Domergue Josh Barry
Josh Barry already performed in popular festivals.

Therefore, « All Add Up » reaches its crescendo to create a symbiosis between his voice and the instruments. It’s a climax. Every element put into this song add up to recreate what he feels.

Then, the calm hits again. The whirlwind of thoughts and feelings stops. That’s the end of the song. What now? Is it that calm if you feel like you really found the one? Yeah, maybe it is, when all doubts fade away.

This song is about how strong an attraction can be towards someone, spiritually (« Spirits intertwined ») and physically (« Your hips locked with mine »). Love has effects on body and soul.

Josh Barry is known as the Dreadlocked Funkstar. He’s been the active frontman and male vocalist for UK House duo Gorgon City, since 2014. His soulful tone and charisma led him to perform on prestigious stages and festivals, such as Coachella, South by Southwest (SXSW), Red Rocks and Glastonbury.

Furthermore, he won the Glastonbury ‘Emerging Talent’ competition in 2017. He especially supported Rag’n’Bone Man on his UK tour during the same year.

Now, Josh Barry is stepping up on his own to present what he has been working on. Sam Cooke, Otis Redding and James Brown are his main influences. « All Add Up » really carries the same energy and authenticy than those artists liked to put into their music.

Josh Barry refers to his project as a « Cosmic Interaction », if we look at his Instagram. Let’s see what the future holds for him!

Mélanie Domergue

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