Bobby Surround Presents Hip-Hop As A Lifestyle With Boom Bap

What more can I say
I wouldn’t be here today
If the old school didn’t pave the way. 2Pac

Could you remember the first time you’ve ever listen to Rap?
The first time you gave a head nod, in reply to a fly beat.
Could you remember your first Hip-Hop party?
The first time you saw B-boys and B-girls hit the floor and bust a move.
Could MC’s remember their first freestyle?
The first time they freely did bust a rhyme and with style.

If singer-songwriter and live performer Bobby Surround ever had to reply all these questions, he’d take you all the way back to the Old School.

Hip Hop is a lifestyle to him. More than just music and entertainment, this is a whole Culture.

Hip-Hop is what Bobby Surround eats, thinks and breathes, on a daily basis. And, this is what led him to release a brand new single, entitled “BOOM BAP“.

“Hip-Hop philosophy”

Singer, rapper, drummer, the man is blessed with an undeniable musicality. On Boom Bap, the MC goes in and raps effortlessly.

What is more, Bobby remains well surrounded as he benefits from the support of his loyal friend, vocalist and co-performer, Jee M, and Dj Dièse on the beat.

Being sincere and sensitive about his craft, or just having fun, Bobby keeps it natural and 100% authentic.

In any case, his genuine love for making music is obvious and stays faithful to what his forefathers taught him from his young age.

Bobby soaks since his youngest age in the American Black music. Elder son of a brilliant Afro-American drummer and singer Vic Pitts, leader of the group « Vic Pitts and The Cheaters ». At the age of 18, he founded with his father, brother and cousin, his first band named « Power Funk Family » with whom he performed at the Miles Davis Hall Montreux Jazz Festival.

Music is a family affair to the Pitts. Stemming from a long lineage of musicians from Milwaukee Wisconsin, since his great grandmother trombonist, his grandmother jazz pianist and his father , Bobby been raised around Gospel, Soul and Funk music.

Combing different talents of rapper, singer, drummer, beat-maker, author and composer, he have since been performing on stage with different projects  in several countries in Europe perfecting his art and musical skills.

Based in Switzerland, Bobby Surround is constantly working on new original music, seeking for new sounds, styles and collaborations  deliver the best musical experience  possible to entertain you.

Marcus Gon

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