Cherrie Hersi: Scandinavian Soul Nominee Best Soul/RnB 2015 #2

Powerful poet, soulful singer and vivid live performer,

Proudly representing Somali, grew up in Finland and bgan her music carreer 2 years ago in Sweden.

Did she hit 2015 with her single Tabanja.

Her lyrics tell one heavy message along a quite breathtaking black and white visual depicting a “suffocating truth of a world caught in a downward spiral.” (Cherrie Hersi).

TABANJA is a scream out loud, with hints of anger, tiredness with a little bit of hope in the voice.

TABANJA  is realistic short book made of chapters relating stories going on for too long:

“This is my thoughts and my reflections, there is a truth in our streets, but this song is just one chapter. There are more chapters and before I give you my song I will first give you my reflection on reality.” Cherrie Hersi.

Either heavy powerful or lightly soothing, one shall always take delight listening to Cherrie Hersi’s voice:

She’s genuinely an authentic, heartfelt Soul/Rnb artist.

No wonder why her name was worth remembering in 2015.

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