Leslie Tay: Scandinavian Soul Nominee Best Soul RnB 2015 #3

Leslie Tay is a committed artist who’s released an eyewitness storytelling over his first EP titled 12 Years (12 ÄR).

His EP is the release of 12 years behind him. Now Leslie feels like he can go ahead.

This is why his EP is pure RnB/Soul music:

Writing down hopeless stories, with heavy hands chained with pain, and

Singing hopeful lyrics that lift your spirit,light your Soul, along melodies that delight your mind,

With soft melodies carrying meaningful messages.

Support him for the Scandinavian Soul Music Awards 2016, as Best Soul/RnB 2015

These are the stories of a young man who grew up in a screwed up environment, in Malmo, SWEDEN, area where the people struggle against poverty, segregation, and injustice.

Relating to this, as Leslie says in an interview his childhood was chaos, and his music reflecting his life experiences, no wonder why his craft can be so dark and grey.

Sofie refers to Sofielund :”From a cozy estate named after the landlord’s wife Sophie to a shocking example of the Swedish segregation.
Sofielund is a bubble where it is now growing up a generation for whom the question “What will you be when you grow up” is almost impossible to answer. A nursery of hopelessness.”


Yet, well knowing of all the pain this place could mean to the young artist,

He prefers to highlight something beautiful,

The poetry in a woman graciously dancing by herself in the dead of night, fully embracing her whole beauty and wonderful womanhood.

His other single was another tough piece, released in 2015, Vems Fel (Who’s to blame)

The visual speaks by itself:


Besides, his vision is so close of Cherrie’s, no wonder why they have together a featuring

What a beautiful duet:



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