Beldina- Scandinavian Nominee for Best Soul/RnB 2015 #1

Scandinavian Soul Music Awards 2016 is expected to highlights the best upcoming artists to discover throughout the Nordic lands of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Finland.

This year is special cause two new categories are available to award new deserving hard-working artists.: Best Cover Art, and Best Soul/RnB 2015.

While it is still available to vote for the best among the best, let’s show some support to the 9 artists nominated for Best Soul/Rnb 2015.

The first one is this ‘Kenyan goddess’ Beldina, a ‘Lost Queen’, as Pharrell Williams would call her, based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Last year has been quite a year promoting her EP titled INTERMISSION along with terrific live performances.

Only one man can bring me home early and that is @Pharrell 😁😊 #Happy and honored to be the #OpeningAct for him! Stockholm, I will see you on Saturday 🙏

In the end of 2014 she opened for the Girld and Ladies dedicated gentleman Pharrell Williams, preparing the release of her EP.

Then 2015 came along and so did her 4-tracks EP, inviting us to dive, swim and breathe in the Oceans of her inspirations:

Lately she’s made a TV appearance for SVT PLAY, to deliver an outstanding performance,

As she covered a song written with this beautiful French poetry: Et Maintenant by Gilbert Becaud.

More than a simple cover, this happened to be a mashup with a Daft Punk song.

Check out the performance:

Enjoy her EP and show some support voting for the Scandinavian Soul Music Awards 2016



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