Dyna Edyne: The Best Hip-Hop/RnB Covers Ever

Who else than one of the Top Female Artists in South Florida

Who else than another bright star on the rise to light the whole sky of her talents

Who else than such a charismatic, natural and enchanting young woman

Would remix the hottest hip-hop and RnB tunes any better?

Dyna Edyne, beautiful (Tree) Woman stands as an impressive and suggestive emerging artist

Painting the colors of a natural world described by the mourns and melodies out of her voice

Singing heartfelt lyrics

Giving shapes to her songs with her hypnotic dancing figure.

She freestyles over Drake, over J. Cole, over Kendick Lamar…

She owns these songs, giving consistent renditions

And giving nice tribute to her greatest inspirations, such as Janelle Monae,

One female artist who does not only inspire but does empower other women to shake off the Electric Lady out of them.

No wonder why Edyne is so energetic, and dynamic.


Besides covers and remixes, she also offers her 250,000 social media conversations and digital mobile media connections original material.

This one is for the Day-One fans following the young artist:

Her latest work has been her debut mixtape titled 10-14.

What is interesting about this is that it was inspired by a book titled Make 10-14 Song, to fight stress.

So there she goes, freeing her mind, lighting her soul, expressing some smooth and passionate emotions over her music.



To conclude, let’s point out the fact that she’ll be performing this February 20th in Miami

Get your tickets here:

Dyna Edyne Tree WOman Live


Marcus Gon

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