Marie Dahlstrøm: 2015 – 2016 Recap Of A Scandinavian Soul Music Awards Nominee For Best Single & Best Artwork

14 Days before the day of Scandinavian Soul Music Awards 2016.

Let us focus on one star among the others.

From shades of grey (Gloom) to shades of Blue ,

We’ve been following Marie Dahlstrøm since the Gloom EP to this day:

This once upon a time all-in-grey-mood  young lady, has been overseas

Swimming around the Canadian/Danish island called Hans Island

Surfing on the waves of her own creations,

Unpretentiously making the way to completely new music inspirations in the industry.

Now the blue-eyed singer-songwriter is out to offer a new reflection of her universe

Hans Island

A collective project with the Canadian producer Mawhs

Last year we’ve discovered together her very first single off  of it, which happened to be ‘Let it Be’.

Today, the whole project is released, with main songs like Break Free,

A song inviting to step out of your past, breaking free of the heavy

Right in the break of dawn when rises a new sunshine, and letting go,

Just letting go, as flies the light vocals over the therapeutic music production

That she makes look easy and naturally intuitive but which is actually the fruit of a long work.

Today the whole project is available on Spotify:


2015: International praise for “Look the Other Way” alongside Sophie Faith

2016: Awards nomination

Her successful collaboration with Les Loups led her to highlight her artistry again

As it made her earn 2 nominations for Scandinavian Soul Music Awards:

Best Single, and Best Artwork.

She’s getting more and more attention, or rather, respect in the industry, and not just in Copenhagen and London, but overseas,

Being featured on the Billboard and having worked with the nicest artists:

Qmillion (two-time Grammy winner for his work with Robert Glasper) and producer  Joe Garrett, credited on – Zayn’s smash single “Pillowtalk.”


Solo Project

Back in Denmark, she’s working on an upcoming EP who’s first single, premiered on the Billboard is Crashing Down.

Crashing Down’s concept is another interesting piece to dig musically.

As Marie confides the Billboard:

Crashing down is about the feeling of always searching, instead of being present in the moment.

It’s about giving in, and realizing that you’re exactly where you need to be,

Life is a big puzzle and many things have to be juggled at the same time, for better and for worse. This song is a reflection of that process.”

Marcus Gon

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