Jeremy Passion: Back As A New Person, With A New Album – Inspirational Interview

You don’t have to
Only visit all these places in your mind
Because when life seems like a battle
There are roads we’ve yet to travel
Prepare for lift off, this is our time

Jeremy Passion – We Can

Our heads up, spirits lifted, and minds up in the clouds,

Pricking up our ears to Jeremy’s lyrics allows us to spread our wings, ready to lift off for another place where peace of mind is to be found.

4 years after his debut album, For More Than a Feeling, and his EP, Pixelated, 

Jeremy Passion comes back with a brand new single titled We Can (Mixed by Jeremy Passion & Andrew Kim, Mastered by Dan Coutant (Sun Room Audio), Music Video: Visual by Paul Zappia (Down The Street Designs LA)), 

One song that is quite the definition for  the saying ‘Sky’s The Limit’.

The message in this song is quite overwhelming, yet the key of it consists in the bridge, quoted above.

Talking about new possibilities, other horizons, other places to grow… these are actual inspirational lyrics empowering you to leave your comfort zone, leaving that place you’d live and die in.

Invitation to an initiatory trip for a new world, this song, produced by Jeremy Passion & Tune Da Rula, makes it seem like the world would spin slower,

Waiting for you to embark and fly, waiting for you to live and learn.

All these years of absence have given time for  him to grow, as a man, as an artist, and also as a husband.

We got to interview a Jeremy Passion after evolution, and the result is quite inspirational:



1) How much have you evolved since your first album?

I feel like I’ve evolved in a lot of different ways.

My first full-length album was a majority of songs I’ve written throughout my entire career. There were a few songs on the first album that were written just for the album, but i’d say 80% of it were songs that I’ve never got to professionally release and is more of a album of memories to pay tribute to the first few years of my career.

This new sophomore album is quite a challenge and has been keeping me on my toes because this project started from scratch upon completing the Kickstarter.

It’s a challenge not only to my musicianship, but my creativity as a writer as well as a more mature person and artist.

2) What should we expect from your new album in term of concept and in term of main messages? Should we expect new sounds too?

In my upcoming album, you should expect less ‘singer-songwriter-esque’ type of songs. Less full-band/live sounding songs, and more of my in-studio production.

I’ve collaborated with a few like-minded producers from all over the world to bring out my R&B/Soul side on this album. R&B has always been my heart and is very prominent in my keyboard playing.

I feel like most people know my acoustic style because of all the videos and songs I’ve posted on the internet:

But this album is really going to show people the R&B/Soul side of my music which is mostly found in my keyboard playing.

In terms of message, it stays the same.

I solely believe in music with a message and when I say message, i mean positive, uplifting, wholesome, and real lyrics based out of my own experiences.

The themes you will hear revolve around Love, Heartbreak, Respect, Faith in God, and Family.

3) We know Faith is one of your core value (and your collaboration with the likes of Kirk Franklin is a good example). What other important value do you like to share through your music?

Faith plays a big role in my music as it is the foundation of everything that I write.

Some might say, but you’re not always writing “Christian” music which is true, but I don’t think you can limit a person or an artist based on what category or genre they’re placed in online or on the charts.

The way I love in my relationships, the way I treat people in my everyday life, the way I give honor to my family, and the way I lift up God in my music all revolves around my life as a Christian, NOT as a Christian artist.

I will not be boxed in nor would I limit what God can do through my independent career. So when I talk about other values in my life like family, love, travel, and relationships, it only points back to where God has brought me in my life.

4) As your goal is to help others, nourish, encourage and inspire people, what was the warmest testimonial/feedback from someone who listened to your music? You know that one testimonial that makes you realized that you made it and that leaves you literally thankful.

Honestly, I’ve been given the chance throughout my whole career being able to talk and meet people all over the world about how my music has impacted their life.

I’ve heard stories about broken family relationships being restored because they have heard a song I wrote for my mom.

I’ve spoken many times at my concerts about people not taking things for granted and sharing about the loss of my grandmother.

I’ve seen grown men walk out during the middle of my song and them tell me that they had to call their mom or dad that they haven’t had a good relationship with for years.

I’ve seen people fall in love and call my song Lemonade ‘their song’ and have gone and gotten married.

I’ve gotten countless emails of people asking about faith in God and wanting to have a relationship with Him.

It’s really hard to just name one.

All I know is that when I’m down and feeling doubtful about my career and purpose in life, when I hear these stories, it reminds me that I’m in the right place and that me continuing this musical journey isn’t for nothing.

It’s bigger than me.


5) Being an artist and having an audience that listens to your words may imply responsibility.  As a role model, how do you tend to inspire/empower your young fans?

jeremy passion quote

I really try my best to not give out the illusion that all you need to do is post videos and you’ll be ‘famous’ or ‘well-known’.

Probably nowadays, it’s easier to be seen and heard more than ever, but I didn’t have that during the beginning of my career.

Although I believe that putting something out into the world (even if it’s not professionally done) is a first step to being heard, I try not to focus on that and tell people that what’s more important is your message. 

Anyone can get a million views on their videos online. A cat falling into a toilet can get 10 million in a week. So, it’s really not about views as much as it is substance and meaning in what you put out.

Don’t focus on what other people think as much as you finding what makes you original and what makes you YOU. Follow your heart and the rest will follow. 

6) Back then, you were looking for “new atmosphere”, “new inspirations”. Besides London, what place(s) did help you the most to reach new borders of creativity? Why?

Although London was/is a place where I find creativity and opportunity, I’ve written music and have found inspiration in places like New Zealand because of its beauty and culture, Ghana and Tanzania because of its more simple living and lessons on compassion that I’ve learned being there, and the Philippines because I felt closer to my roots and where my parents came from.

But honestly, I can find inspiration right here in the Bay Area. It has a lot to do with the season I’m in and finding it through stillness, prayer, meditation, and balance.

7) You’ve worked with Marie Dahlstrom (Forget Me Nots), one artist that we do appreciate on Sounds So Beautiful. Tell us about this collaboration. Will she appear on your second album too?

Working with Marie was awesome! She is very talented and soulful and was the reason why we got in touch with each other.

I got the chance during my London stay to start a new song from scratch with her which I am still contemplating on putting on the new album because of flow.

It’s a great song we started, but I want to make sure that there is a perfect place for it on the album.

If not, I can see us using it for another project. 

8) Congratulations on all your life achievements (such as being a hubby). How do these life changes affect your songwriting?

Thanks! Married life is beautiful, but it’s also work. These life changes affect my songwriting in only positive ways.

I feel like being married brings a whole new perspective on life in my music. It’s more mature, it’s less naive (although being naive is fine), and it’s real. 

I’ve already written a few songs about my new life with my wife and stepson, but it didn’t come without hard work and trials.

Being a new husband, you carry on a whole new part in your life and the big challenge becomes finding the right balance.

Life is like a garden.. Marriage and family were a new seed that I had to plant and make sure was watered correctly and consistently to make sure it grows in the right way.

The same goes for my music and career.

I know this is a funny analogy, but I really see it this way.


Thank you Jeremy for your honesty, for your time and for your music with a message; truly inspirational.

Let’s try to keep patient before the release of the second album! 

Marcus Gon

Rédacteur en chef de Sounds So Beautiful, et auteur de l’œuvre Poetically Yours. ,Storytelling, ou l'art de conter une histoire, l'effort de véhiculer un message, l'exploit de communiquer une émotion, ou bien encore le miracle d'inspirer et d'influencer. Sounds So Beautiful, founded by writer and musician Marcus Gon, is the international media, specialized in the music industry, working closely with advertisers and public relations, and allowing emerging artists to develop their career. Poetically yours

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