Emilie de Paula – Fearless, Let The Rawness Of Your Soul Roar (Interview)

For too long this untitled love (or ‘Love Untitled‘) for Music has been resonating 

For too long this little inner voice was echoing in a overthinking mind dangling between ‘Reason & Faith

For too long did she hide her talent as brilliant as a precious ‘Stone

Not too long ago, did she eventually decide to let it out, let it go, bare it all:

January 2016 shall be a time to remember,

Time for Emilie de Paula to reveal her raw talent as a solo vocalist, 

Dropping the veil, ‘Undressed‘, she now can feel life and… ‘Breathe‘.

Emilie de Paula, with David Lönn, Sakari Tropp Salmela & Petter Boström,

Proposes the combination of a soulful heavy impressive voice, carried by a smoothie yet groovy instrumentation.

This gives the feeling of sailing on a steady boat, across impetuous tides.

Emilie de Paula brings the tastiest flavors of Jazz & Soul, softy and crispy, mellow and sharp.

After a long journey to find herself, find the courage and self-confidence to bloom and blow some minds away with her beautiful voice,

Since last year, Emilie de Paula has finally decided to put a firm step toward the path of a solo music career.

This has led her to release her premiere demo this past January 2016, via Scandinavian Soul 

Fortunate to have an interview with Emilie and discuss  about the music, let us discover a bit more who is Emilie de Paula:


1) Ready, set, go; you once said the following: “I guess it’s a matter of progress of ones soul, heart and mind – when you’re ready, you’re ready and now is the time for people to get a glimpse of those three components.” How much time did it take you to know you were eventually ready to show the world what you’ve got to show? And what did make you feel like you’re finally ready?

Like I said, it was a progress and I had been writing for many years however always included in a band, which is an fantastic thing!

However, approximately one year ago there was a voice inside which gave me the courage and longing to finally put myself out there.

I believe that you really have to trust what resonates within and not follow a certain pattern given by others.

I also finally found Petter Boström, Sakari Tropp Salmela and David Lönn who understood my point of view and spoke the same musical language.

Everything fell into place and they bring harmony to the three components I have been talking about.


2) Tell us about your contribution to the acclaimed band The Magnolia.

We have been friends for a very long time. Childhood friends.

We all grew up in a neighborhood called Majorna/Linné in Gothenburg so it was natural that we also met music wise.

Music is all about give and take and that is exactly what we did.

I learnt a lot from them, talking late nights, rehearsing and playing at gigs. I wish them all the best in their new constellation now that my good friend Albin Lee Meldau is trying his new wings 😉

3) One question I like asking: How do you challenge your music and your poetry?

Woah. Tough question… but the first thought that pops up in my head is: “fearless”.

To be fearless in front of yourself and others. Not to be intimidated by norms, functions and others judgement.

I like to push myself and my music by simply being fearless in my storytelling and let my feelings and heart  predict what I am supposed to sing and write about.

I am purely an instrument for the words and melodies that come to me.

4) How would you define the concept of the EP you’re working on?

First off we will try to push out a single, so that’s the first step… 😉

And no, it is none of the demos that has been released 😉

I always find it hard to define and label what I do, since the music just comes to me. It is up to the listener to determine what concept it is.

However if I should give some sort of sneakpeak, I can say that it will be Lana Del Rey meets Erykah Badu in an 18th century symphony-package 😉

5) [I sure like this idea of Erykah Bad meeting Lana Del Rey in a 18th cenury symphony].Now, your voice, as soulful and solid as it is, could be defined by too many adjectives. With that being said, how would you best define your own voice? And how does your voice evolve with time?

Thank you…  Haha, yet again it is so, so difficult to define what I do… but speaking of evolving I would say that my voice has become more straightforward in its approach.

When I was younger I also sang opera where it is very important to stay within the given rules.

Soul has nothing to do with rules – just freedom of speech and your hearts meaning. I think I am becoming more and more comfortable with the notion that “perfect is boring”.

6) Finally, where will you be performing in the coming days?

We are actually going in to the studio again and will work very hard on pushing the single!

But we have some plans on playing in Stockholm in the end of spring and my management is also planning a small tour in London this summer.


Thanks for answers, and just keep pushing forward, you’re doing good!

Just one last for the road:


Marcus Gon

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