Brian Hadsell – Rocking Freshness from San Francisco

Brian Hadsell, dude!


“I miss the good old 60’s music” she said.

“I miss that good Rock’n’Roll baby” he said.

But little did they know, Rock music has never gone, it’s still on!

If you do take another good look, you’ll find some artists still putting work in.

If some big bands such as the Foo Fighters or more recently the Arctic Monkeys make Rock’n’Roll vibes vibrate in that world we live in, well, even more bands, singers and songwriters, alas not known enough, are here to rock our world.

Today, let’s pick one Rock singer in particular. One singer who studied rock, metal, and blues genres

Enough to satisfy the experimented ears of any listeners enjoying the musical technique;

The instrumental, more precisely the guitar is great, indeed!

This singer’s name is Brian Hadsell!

This guy is full of thoughts, memories and emotions to share to the world from San Francisco.

And not only reading but listening to his lyrics, you might feel… you may feel… no, you must feel the same feelings that bring inspirational positivity emotional. Music appeases the mind’s audiophile, and Brian has the same purpose as Music.

If you like rock and lyrical music, full of emotions translated with harmony, you’ll love his latest song ‘Don’t Go Away’.

Personally, my favorite one was ‘The Sound Of You’.

Everyone: Brian Hadsell.

10% of his sales are  donated to ADHD/Heart Disease research and education:

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