Nick Blaemire – When A Nerd Puts Soul In Everything

Clean and class, he sings then brings the bliss along his music

Behind his glasses, all kind of expressive stares does he share with the people out there grooving and dancing to his tunes.

Looks like a nerd,  but definitely moves with nerve and Soul.

Nick Blaemire, New York City-based, “nerd soul“ artist, releases brand new music, setting everything up for his forthcoming opus titled The Ampersand EP.

This EP concentrates then pours out a whole amount of Pop and neo-soul, with elegant tastes for RnB and hints of Funk.

The production suggest a feeling of lightness in the instrumentation, perfectly supporting Blaemire’s voice.

Despite the richness of all the instruments, from the 80’s spirit in guitar strings to the uplifting horn section, his voice, well highlighted, is the main ingredient for The Ampersand EP.

From the way he sings, you can appreciate the influences from Jazz and Gospel, giving soulful chorus as a result.

This new EP is about to be a whole new departure for Nick Blaemire, daring a change and leaving behind his previous theater and television career.

Indeed, Blaemire has had an impressive career on Broadway and Hollywood.

At age 23, Blaemire wrote the score to Broadway musical, Glory Days, making him one of the youngest composers to ever hit Broadway. 

After making waves in the Broadway scene, time for him to take the mainstream Pop scene by storm, with the help of his team.

Nick&DanielHe did recently team up with multifaceted wordsmith, actor and poet, Daniel J. Watts Daniel J. Watts (Hamilton, HBO’s VINYL), 




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