Louise Golbey – Colors Of Creativity

As instinctive as a yellow bee, she buzzes around with new musical ideas.

She’s a Purple Soul, dancing in a red dress, in a blue mood.

She inspires as much peace as the green of the grass

She’s either to love or to leave, 

Louise Golbey is a new experience to experiment.

After an opus produced with an acoustic feel, fusing Jazz and Soul, with hints of Hip Hop and latin vibes, she’s back with a whole other work, an original 5 track piece that changes from before.

We understand it’s still in the conquest of new audience, going beyond the lines of Jazz and Soul, and daring a blend of Electronic and Dance Music.

Even tough Please Don’t has been the debut single of this mini-album, the core track of this piece shall be It’s True.

It’s True is definitely the richest track, with its different movements.

The rhythms, the play of the synth, the superposition of the keys… it all gives a colorful background for Louise Golbey’s light voice, flying over a hot and ethereal track.

5 tracks, 5 producers, 1 theme is the motto for this new EP, a challenge of creativity.

  • The art cover of the EP, quite surrealist, should suggest such an idea: different moods and atmospheres in one heart.

One drawing of a heart to be seen either as a painting stain, either as an experience full of colors to discover: love it or leave it.


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