J Appiah – The Talent Of A Writer From East London


The beat of his heart echoes with the sound of emotion in his voice

Never running out of thoughts in his mind, questions remain unanswered 

The words that are running out of his mouth chase a quest for love


Doubts and uncertainties, this is a story brought to you by J Appiah, East London RnB/Soul singer-songwriter, formerly backing vocal for Michael Kiwanuka, Kwabs, Jess Glynne or Maverick Sabre

The songwriting is clever here, produced by Hugh Fothergill & J Appiah, mixed by Hugh Fothergill and mastered by Dick Beetham, as we can actually picture someone reminiscing and overthinking, questioning over the “toughness to be loved”…

The delivery of the words reflects distress in his mind,

The back vocals sets up a vibrant and emotional background, that goes crescendo, in a frenetic way. And, the finger snaps adds a little bit of smooth to the beat.

This is a beautiful peace that sets J Appiah’s come back after his opus back in 2014 Travelight.

A mellow track, very light and peaceful, even though the lyrics translate a mind not as peaceful as the music. Yet, this slight contradiction makes the beauty in the song.

This songwriting allows to picture the emotion of the singer in its whole.

What is more, his talent is to understand the other, so he’s not obliged to write a song based on his own story, but really imagine and feels what the other is going through in his mind and life.

That’s the creative process he went through for his song Run, imagining the words from somebody addressed to himself, as if he was reading a open-hearted letter.

Besides his degree in Social Anthropology, this, is the real talent of a writer. Making up a story as heartfelt and emotional as a real one.

“When I pick up my pen, pluck my guitar strings or post up by the microphone, I just want you to feel something” – J Appiah

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Marcus Gon

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