Ash Radford – Travels To Build Your Character

Strengths to be proud of, vulnerabilities not be ashamed of.

Lone in the dark and funny feelings to be the only one light left to shine at night.

Mind impacted by the track of time, tracks of the roads, or flashbacks to fortunate encounters,

Travels, moments of meditation and soul searching are as many things to help you build your own character.

That’s why Ash Radford stands by this lifestyle.

Through travels and introspective times, he’s enabling himself to create authentic music for the soul, as you can appreciate in his songs Phosphorous and Lioness.

Raw and open-heart rendition along contemplative songs, you can hear him roar like a lion, or whistle like a bird. That’s how he’s sonically blending strengths and vulnerabilities.

Singer-songwriter, actor and model, Ash Radford is among those who believe travels build people’s character. This could be life changing, indeed.

Although he grew up between Jersey (UK) & England, you can see in his eyes how much means Cape Town in South Africa means to him. Living there and in New Zealand he did find his own sound and character.

We had the chance to meet him, in Lyon, France, back in 2015, with the inspiring and touching singer Katey Brooks, previously interviewed for her album in the making.

At the time he as already in the process of the making of his EP.

Having supported the likes of Finlay Quaye & The Black Seeds, he is currently performing solo with acoustic guitar, genuinely sharing his feels, his poetry and his music in one blow of emotions.

Marcus Gon

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