Sharlene Monique – All About Believing In Yourself


“Divinely designed” – Georgia Anne Muldrow, Great Blacks.

Just like a mirror, people reflect what you project them,

Start smiling first, and they’ll smile back at you.

Don’t look down, so people don’t look down on you.

Proudly just be, make the pretty in you prosper:

Don’t you be fooled, you’re beautiful.

Sharlene-Monique, a London-based singer-songwriter speaker, fashion lover and poetic dancer, has just released an uplifting, tear-dropping and powerful music video for her single titled You, this June 30th, now available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon.

The song was written by Sharlene-Monique and produced by her husband Chris Morris (, mixed by Grammy-Award winning mix engineer Alan Branch.

“You’re Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful”

Sharlene’s voice is as soothing as the lullaby of a tender-loving mother to her toddler. This is straight love pouring. Soulful, mellow and emotive tones that bring you back to your carefree childhood.

This is as sweet as Tweet, great songstress with mesmerizing vibes and vocals.

This is as inspirational as Aloe Blacc’s 10 year old music video for I’m Beautiful.

The sequence with the little insecure girl, hiding behind the door watching her sister putting make up, could recall The Color Purple, moving and powerful movie that puts in the front line a dark-skinned Black woman (Whoopi Goldberg as Celie) lacking confidence, feeling ugly and unworthy… once upon a time always looking down and too shy to show her smile. 

“Black or golden hair, […] small or bigger chicks”

The music video continues, showcasing the growth and journey of the character.

As Sharlene-Monique keeps singing along, she’s kind of baby-stepping her to love herself, until the day she finally makes the jump and embraces herself, body and soul.

“There’s no one like you”

How many times does one person fall in despair because he feels weird being the only one different from the majority? Too many times, alas.

The movie reference aside, this music video for Sharlene-Monique’s single, You, is the reflection of her whole life, and many other people have lived the same way.

All of her life she’s herself been in constant comparison until she finds the gold and value that lay within [her]”, as she says in her award nominated blog Be Uniquely You made in 2015 for empowerment.

Beside her message and life insecurities, this clip is also a way to highlight other Sharlene’s talents. Indeed, not only does she leads a choir in the video, but she does run gospel choir workshops in real life, and all over Europe, being a member of the Kingdom Choir, a collective of outstanding and extraordinary singers from various Christian traditions in the South East of England (Latvia, Denmark, Italy and Norway).

She currently works with award winning choir director (& judge from the 2015 BBC 2 show ‘The Naked choir’)  Karen Gibson.

This year, she’s starting her solo career with her debut EP to be released this year. She’s promoting it with gigs throughout the UK.


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  1. Angela price . says:

    I have just watched you on bbc breakfast inspirational and good luck with the tour and your future career .


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